Mass & Confession Times


6:30 am English

8:30 am English

7:00 pm Spanish


5:00 pm English (Saturday Vigil) | Church 

7:00 am Spanish | Chapel 
7:30 am  English | Church
9:00 am English | Church
9:30 am Spanish | Chapel
11:00 am English | Church 

1:15 pm Spanish | Church 

​4:30 pm English  | Church
​6:30 pm Spanish​ | Church


8:30 am English 
6:30 pm English ​


8:30 am English 
6:30 pm Spanish


8:30 am English 

12:15 pm English

6:30 pm Spanish


8:30 am English

12:15 pm English

6:30 pm English


8:30 am English 

5:00 pm English ​Vigil

Confession & Adoration Schedule




9:00 am - 6:45 pm 


9:15 am - 10:00 am 


5:00 pm - 6:15 pm 


9:15 am - 10:45 am Canceled
5/14 and 5/21


Worship Aides

Mass Intentions

To request a Mass intention, please come by the Parish Office during regular business hours.


Whenever a priest celebrates Mass, he has at least two specific intentions.  The first intention is to celebrate the Mass according to what the rubrics that the Church was provided for how to say the Mass.  The second is to apply the grace of that Mass toward a specific need or intention. As to the first intention, a priest may find it helpful to  pray a traditional prayer while he is vesting, stating his intention to pray the Mass well. As to the second intention, commonly called “the intention of the Mass,” that intention is often announced in the parish bulletin and it is sometimes also announced at Mass.

About our Masses


Saint John Paul II once wrote that the “Church needs musicians [and music]. The faith of countless believers has been nourished by melodies flowing from the hearts of other believers, either introduced into the liturgy or used as an aid to dignified worship. In song, faith is experienced as vibrant joy, love, and confident expectation of the saving intervention of God.” At St. Francis of Assisi, we embrace the words of Saint John Paul II and realize that a community as large and diverse as ours requires a variety of music repertoire each week at our Sunday liturgies. That is why you will find the musical expression varies at many of our Masses. For a description of the musical style of each Mass, please see below:

Our Saturday 5:00 pm Vigil Mass is primarily Organ-based Traditional Catholic music, with a Choir and a Cantor.

The 7:00 am Sunday Spanish Mass (in the Chapel) has music provided by our “Instrumento de Tu Paz” Choir, providing the sound and authentic songs from the Hispanic culture, with an expression of faith and devotion. The Choir uses various instruments: guitar, piano, flute, cajon, and at times, organ and drums.

The 7:30 am Sunday Mass is Organ-based Traditional music led by a Cantor. Note: this Mass has only the 4 hymns sung – Gathering, Preparation of the Altar, Communion, and Sending Forth. The parts of the Mass such as the Gloria; Holy, Holy; Lamb of God, etc. are spoken.

The music at the 9:00 am Mass is Organ-based Traditional music focusing on classical Catholic Hymnody, and is more of a High Mass -- including the use of incense at this Mass. The music is led by a Choir and Cantor. On the final Sunday of the month, the Schola Cantorum Choir sings for this Mass, adding Latin selections and Gregorian Chant, including the Chant Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, etc. This Mass has flute and violin, and on Holy Days and Feasts it is supplemented by trumpets (or brass quintet), timpani, and string trio.


The 9:30 am Spanish Mass (in the Chapel) is led by the “Soldados de Cristo” Choir and instrumentalists. This is a Choir with a mix of musical styles with Spanish Praise and Worship music, charismatic, contemporary, and traditional music.

The 11:00 am Mass is a Contemporary music Mass, utilizing the best of Catholic Contemporary Liturgical music by Catholic composers, and is led by a Choir and Cantor. Musically, the accompaniment at this Mass is provided by piano, electric keyboard, guitar, flute, violin, etc. At certain times of the year, more instruments are added (brass, timpani, etc.).

The 1:15 pm Spanish Mass has music provided by a Mariachi band, in typical Mariachi style, and has guitars, trumpets, and violins. The Mariachi plays for this Mass every Sunday except the 1st Sunday of the month. At that Mass the music is provided by the “Instrumento de Tu Paz” Choir, with guitars, flute, and percussion.

The 4:30 pm Mass is our Praise and Worship Mass, featuring our Praise and Worship band, with guitars, bass guitar, keyboard, violin, drums, etc. the music at this Mass is taken from current Praise and Worship songs.

The 6:30 pm Spanish Mass is led by the “Divina Providencia” Choir. Their music is Contemporary Progressive, utilizing current Catholic Contemporary music. They also do Traditional Spanish hymns, but put a new twist on them. Instrumentally, they are led by keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, and percussion.