Faith Formation

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Registration & Payment Assistance Applications closed on Tuesday, September 7th.  We are so excited for the incredible response we had in our Origin: Family and Origin: Youth programs! 

We are so excited and overwhelmed by the incredible response and support we had in our Origin: Family and Origin: Youth faith formation programs! At this time, open registration continues to be closed and will not re-open. That said, if space or volunteers become available, it is our desire to welcome incoming families & teens.


If you are interested in having your family or teen(s) join our programs this school year, please add your information to the waiting list using this link and we will contact you if an opening becomes available!

Why are we calling Faith Formation "Origin?"

The word origin has a lot of meanings but for our Church, it is simply our desire to return to what God has intended for us from the beginning, to know Him and be known by Him.​

​At St. Francis, our desire is for families to go back to their origin and reclaim the faith in their home but at the same time to know that God himself is our origin and has had a plan for us from the beginning, which is to be with Him in Heaven for eternity.

No matter how near or far you feel from God we invite you to find your origin with us.

Origin: Family (Students in K - 7th Grade)

At the heart of our catechesis model for students in Kinder up to 7th grade is Origin: Family Faith Formation.  Studies tell us that parental involvement in the faith-life of their child is by far the most important element in ensuring that a child develops into a practicing Catholic. 

Origin Family Faith Formation is a Church supported, parent led faith formation program. At St Francis, this catechesis model is centered around parish supported, family centered faith  conversations within the home, on their own weekly schedule and at their own pace. With A Family of Faith, our families come together regularly, at home and in the parish to grow in relationship with one another, learning the truths of the Catholic Faith and how to apply them in their lives. In the parish and at home parents and children have the opportunity to build strong relationships through discussion and reflection on topics that matter in their lives.

For families with children in grades Kinder through 7th, Origin: Family will provide families multiple opportunities to grow in their faith with:

  • Parent Sessions - Once a month to introduce the monthly topics and provide guidance, inspiration and information for parents. 

  • Family Centered Guides - A Family of Faith from Sophia Institute; easy to use materials to support at home learning and discussion.  

  • Community Family Gatherings - Held once a month at St. Francis for the entire family.

  • Family Mentor Sessions - Opportunities to meet and receive support from our Family Mentors on-site. Open sessions and personal appointments will be available.  

  • Family Learning Centers - Opportunity for families to participate in guided activities onsite, offered in November 2021 & February 2022!

  • Students preparing for Sacraments of Initiation (First Communion, Confirmation, etc.) will have additional preparation programs. Please continue reading additional information on sacrament preparation.

Origin: Youth (Students in Grades 8-12)

Origin: Youth Nights are where we offer a place for our teens to not only connect with their peers but to be empowered in a life of the Holy Spirit. So often we have categorized our youth as the future of the Church when in fact they are the very life of the Church!

Young people in 8th - 12th grade are at a pivotal moment in life where they are wrestling with their identity and trying to establish who they want to become.  We want to give our teens a place to belong, empower them to bring Christ to their friends and community, and invite their peers to encounter Christ at our parish.  These special nights will have both fun and faith and will meet during the school year. 

Following our family faith formation model, we will have additional supplemental programming available periodically during the year for parents enrolled in Origin Youth to help continue the conversation of faith with their child in the home and help continue to make Church a home for our youth.

Meet the Origin Team


Alec Banda

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Director


Rachel Hansen

Faith Formation Manager (English)


Marie Engelman

Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Coordinator 


Marijose Garza

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator


Blanca Balderas

Faith Formation Manager (Spanish)