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Little Friends Preschool

About Us

Our program is a Catholic based pre-school. We want your child to enjoy his or her days at Little Friends of St. Francis preschool while learning that the world is an exciting and interesting place. Our Preschool goals are:

· To provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment to promote growth emotionally, spiritually, and developmentally.

· To provide an environment to cultivate needed socialization skills.

· To make each child feel wonderful about himself/herself and to assist in the positive growth of each child’s self-esteem.

​· To promote a feeling of success in learning while academically preparing the children for the next step in education.



A Typical Day at KDO...

While every classroom is a little different, most of them have all the same blocks of scheduled time.  They begin with some open ended activities allowing the teachers the flexibility to meet and greet all children and parents.  A large group time, such as calendar or shared reading usually opens the day’s formal activities.  The children are exposed to many different math and language concepts during calendar. 


Shared Reading provides opportunity to develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills as well as letter recognition.  From there, children move to small group instruction at the tables, focusing on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc.   In the older aged classes, this is what we call the Guided Reading time.  These concepts are age-appropriate, and many of them are objectives that are tested on our “Snapshot of Skills” throughout the year.  Teachers transition the children from quiet, focused, and seated activities to high energy activities to get the most out of the children. 


There are parts of the day that every class has:  snack, recess, lunch, rest, music, and enrichment.  These activities usually happen at the same time everyday.  This helps the children start to learn the idea of a routine.  Many classes have a science/social studies/health time which is usually presented in a large group setting.  A daily craft related to the letter of the week or monthly themes is also offered. All classrooms are designed to meet the needs of all the children in that specific class, so every classroom looks a little different.  But in general, this is what a typical day at KDO will look like.

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Curriculum ​

We provide an intellectual, social, religious, physical, and emotional environment that will benefit the children, their families, and the community.   We realize that all children are unique and develop at different rates.  Our program is designed to meet the needs of all children at all levels.  Each classroom is unique, and teachers prepare their class to facilitate learning on the appropriate levels.

For each age level, the focus is different.  Toddlers and twos enjoy a curriculum that emphasizes socialization, motor skills, finger plays, and songs.  The three’s work on letter and number recognition and formation, classroom dynamics, and social skills.  The four’s and five’s use a reading and writing readiness program.  The teacher’s goal is to prepare the children for Kindergarten.  All age levels overlap a little for some spiraling curriculum, and reviewing of skills.  Through creative play, books, songs, and interactions with teachers and other children, we want to help your child grow in body and spirit.

All age levels follow the same thematic units.  Each month the themes will vary according to the liturgical calendar and the seasons of the year.  Every month a different Commandment is introduced to the children, as well as a nursery rhyme and a fairy tale.   We also have a weekly Faith Formation program for the 3’s, 4’s, & 5’s to learn during Chapel time.  The younger kids are exposed to some basic Catholic teachings to begin to build their foundation.  The children attend weekly music and enrichment classes that coordinate with the monthly themes.


Lauren Hartsock


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