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5 Ways to Celebrate the Easter Season

Did you know that Easter is a season? The Easter Season lasts until Pentecost on June 5. Keep reading for ideas on how to celebrate the Easter season!

1. Read the Easter Passages in the Bible

Take some time throughout these weeks to read through the different accounts of Jesus' Resurrection. Let these joyous events sink in and transform your life!

Matthew 27:62 to 28:20

Mark 15:42 to 16:20

Luke 23:50 to 24:53

John 19:38 to 21:25

2. Embrace Decorating for Spring and Easter

Take joy in decorating for Easter with flowers and spring decor throughout this season.

3. Increase Your Devotion

Devotions don't have to end with Lent! Try taking up a new devotion during the Easter Season. For example, you could try taking up a devotion to the Holy Spirit during the Easter Season as we approach Pentecost (a simple prayer is comprised of simply: "Come Holy Spirit").

4. Spread Joy

Send out notes or cards to friends and family. The great thing about Easter being a season in the Catholic Church is that you have 50 days to send out Easter cards!

5. Light a Candle

At the Easter Vigil, we light a special Paschal candle. This candle usually has the current year on it to remind us that God is present with us always. Lighting a special candle at home is a great way to create a peaceful environment for prayer.

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