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Elisa Cucco

Sacraments Coordinator

Ext. 249

Baptism for Infants (Birth to age 6)

We are so excited to assist you with the baptism of your child! We would be so honored to provide this opportunity for you and your family, and we hope it will be the beginning of many sacraments for your child here at St. Francis.

Baptism Checklist

1. Complete Baptismal Registration Form found here.


2Copy of birth certificate (long form)

3. Proof of completion of Baptismal Preparation class for parent and godparents 

4. At least one godparent is required.  If two godparents are chosen, they must be one male and one female.  Godparents must be 16 years of age and older.


5. A godparent must be a fully initiated Catholic (i.e. received baptism, confirmation and Eucharist in the Catholic Church) and lead a life of faith. If married, must be in a valid Catholic marriage. If single, must not be cohabitating (living together).

6.​ A  baptized non-Catholic may stand with a Catholic godparent and will be considered a Christian witness.

7. Godparents will need a letter of good standing from their home parish.


8. Godparents must complete the Godparent Form found here. 


Please complete this Godparent form. 

  • Attend a Baptismal Preparation Class at any Roman Catholic parish within the past three years. 

  • Secure a Letter of Good Standing from your current parish stating that you meet the requirements to be a godparent. Please note, the letter must come to us on official letterhead and include parish the seal.


Requisitos para Bautizar

  1. Copia de acta de nacimiento (forma larga)

  2. Comprobante de asistencia de clases de preparación de Bautizo para padres y padrinos que se encuentra aqui.

  3. Llenar la forma de registro para bautizo que se encuentra aquí.

  4. Se requiere al menos un padrino. Si  eligen dos padrinos, deben ser hombre y mujer. Los padrinos deben tener 16 anos de eded o mas.

  5. Padrinos deben haber recibido los sacramentos de iniciación (bautismo, primera comunión y confirmación) y vivir una vida de fe. Si está casado, debe estar en un matrimonio Católico válido. Si es soltero, no debe convivir (vivir juntos).​

  6. Un bautizado no Católico puede estar con un padrino Católico y es considerado un testigo Cristiano.

  7. Los padrinos  necesitan una carta de buena conducta de la parroquia a la que pertenecen con permiso que sean padrinos

  8. ​Padrinos deben llena la forma de padrinos que se encuentra aqui.

Baptism Preparation Class Dates

Platicas para Preparacion para Bautizar


Classes are held once per month on a Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm 

Platicas son una ves al mes de 10 am - 12 pm. ​​​

  • February 11, 2023

  • April 15, 2023

  • May 13, 2023



English Baptisms

Held at 9:30 am in the Church on the following Saturdays:

  • January 28, 2023

  • February 4, 2023

  • February 18, 2023

  • March 4, 2023

  • April 29, 2023

Bautizos en español 

Se llevan a cabo los siguientes sábados​ a las 11:00 am en la Iglesia:​


  • 28 de enero 2023

  • 4 de febrero 2023

  • 18 de febrero 2023

  • 4 de marzo 2023

  • 29 de abril 2023

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