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What We Offer


Grades K-7 Family Formation

For families with children in grades Kinder through 7th, Origin: Family will provide families multiple opportunities to grow in their faith with:

  • Parent Sessions - Once a month to introduce the monthly topics and provide guidance, inspiration and information for parents. 

  • Family Centered Curriculum - A Family of Faith from Sophia Institute; easy to use materials to support at home learning and discussion.

  • Community Family Gatherings - Held once a month at St. Francis for the entire family.

  • Family Mentor Sessions - Opportunities to meet and receive support from our Family Mentors on-site. Open sessions and personal appointments will be available.  

  • Family Learning Centers - Opportunity for families to participate in guided activities onsite!

  • Students preparing for Sacraments of First Communion will use an online, parent led preparation program in addition to A Family of Faith. Please continue reading additional information on sacrament preparation.

Contact Us


Rachel Hansen

Faith Formation Manager (English)



Gabby Ortega

Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Assistant


Blanca Balderas

Faith Formation Manager (Spanish)


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