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What We Offer


Grades 6-8​

6-7th Grades

Students in 6th & 7th grade who are enrolled in Origin: Family have the option to participate in our Middle School Youth Nights.

*Please see our Origin: Family page for additional information.

8th Grade

Students in 8th grade are invited to participate in Origin: Middle School Youth Nights, meeting on Sundays from 5:45pm - 7pm.

Grades 9-12​

Students in 9th - 12th grade will participate in Origin: High School Youth Nights, meeting on Sundays from 7:30pm - 9pm.


Confirmation Preparation

8-12th Grades

All students in 8th - 12th are invited to participate in Origin: Youth Nights, including those seeking Sacrament Preparation.


Once teens begin attending Youth Nights, those desiring receive the Sacrament of Confirmation will have the opportunity to "come forward" during one of our Youth Nights to begin their preparation.


When your teen decides to "come forward," our team will then contact you with the next steps in the Confirmation journey. Our Confirmation journey is marked by a series of Milestones done at home with the teen, sponsor, and family.


To learn more about our Readiness Model for Sacraments in

Origin: Youth, please use the link below.

Contact Us


Alec Banda

Youth Ministry Director



Marie Engelman

Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Coordinator (English)


Marijose Garza

Youth Ministry Coordinator



Gabby Ortega

Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Assistant (Spanish)

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