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Why We Celebrate: All Saints Day

All Saints and All Souls Day comprise the two-day celebration of the Communion of Saints - those who are with God in Heaven and those who are on their way to heaven. On the Solemnity of All Saints, November 1, we venerate all the holy men and women who have been canonized by the Church. A day later, on All Souls Day, we remember and pray for the faithful departed, especially all the souls in purgatory.

Here are three reasons why we celebrate All Saints Day!

1. Inspiration

Through their example, we too can be inspired to live a life of holiness. The lives of the saints are not unattainable to us. They faced the same struggles of this world that we do. They offer us hope and inspiration that we too can become saints.

2. Participation

Another reason we celebrate the saints is a participation in their holiness. We are all mere travelers in this world. The saints have reached the end goal: heaven. By celebrating the saints, we participate in that goal. They give us hope in our journey, assuring us that one day we will be able to behold the Holy Face of God.

3. Intercession

Lastly, the saints pray for us. They are our intercessors. Saints pray for us because their position gives them an opportunity to include our condition in the valley of tears. We are always able to ask them for help in our daily plights.

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