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July Saint Spotlight

July is a month filled with wonderful saint feast days! Keep reading to learn about just a few of this month's saints.


St. Thomas the Apostle: July 3

St. Thomas was one of the 12 original disciples of Jesus. Known primarily for his doubt of Christ's Resurrection (You may have heard him referred to as "Doubting Thomas"), Thomas represents the humanity we all share. After seeing Christ's wounds, Thomas' faith was affirmed and he traveled East proclaiming the Gospel. He was eventually martyred for defending the faith.


Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: July 4

Pier Giorgio was born Born into a wealthy and influential family in Turin, Italy in 1901. . Despite his privileged background, he lived a simple and humble life, often using his resources to support charitable causes and aid those in need. Pier Giorgio was also an avid mountaineer and athlete, finding solace and communion with God in the beauty of nature. His joyful spirit and selfless dedication continue to inspire young people around the world, emphasizing the transformative power of faith lived authentically in daily life. Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1990, Pier Giorgio Frassati remains a compelling example of Christian virtue and service. He is the patron of students, young Catholics, mountaineers, and youth groups. Blessed Pier Giorgio is expected to be canonized in 2025!


St. Elizabeth of Portugal: July 5

St. Elizabeth of Portugal was a Spanish Princess born in 1271. She is celebrated for her compassion and commitment to charitable works. Known for her devout faith, she married King Denis of Portugal at a young age. Elizabeth was known for her humility and kindness, often personally tending to the needy and marginalized. Canonized as a saint in 1625, St. Elizabeth is revered for her exemplary life of service and piety. She is the patron of widows, brides, charity workers, and those falsely accused.


Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin: July 12

Saints Zélie and Louis Martin are revered in the Catholic Church as a remarkable couple known for their deep faith, devotion to family life, and exemplary virtue. They are the parents of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, also known as "The Little Flower," and were canonized together in 2015 as the first married couple to be canonized as saints together in the history of the Church. Zélie, a skilled lacemaker, and Louis, a watchmaker, lived in France during the 19th century, raising their nine children in a loving and spiritually nurturing environment. They embraced the challenges of family life with grace, facing personal trials such as the loss of several children in infancy and illness with unwavering faith and trust in God. Their witness to holiness through their ordinary lives inspires many today, and they are venerated as models of Christian marriage, parenthood, and sanctity amidst everyday life.


Sts. Joachim and St. Anne: July 26

St. Joachim and St. Anne are the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the grandparents of Jesus.  Though their lives are not documented in the Bible, they are mentioned in early Christian writings. Joachim and Anne are celebrated for their faithfulness, devoutness, and the pivotal role they played in God's plan for salvation by nurturing Mary, who would become the Mother of Jesus. They are often invoked as patrons of parents, grandparents, and families, embodying virtues of love, patience, and devotion.

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