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New Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering with St. Francis!



Fill out the Screening Intake Form!

Upon submitting this form, a background check will be completed by our third party company. You'll only be notified if they find a discrepancy.

When filling out the form please select St. Francis of Assisi Parish - Frisco in the location Section.



Watch the training video and complete the online quiz!

The Diocese has partnered with MinistrySafe to provide the New Volunteer training video.    Access the Diocese obligations database using the first name, last name and street address from your online screening form. You must watch this in its entirety and complete the online training quiz.   



Schedule an interview with the Safe Environment director!

The Safe Environment Director or Ministry Lead must conduct a face-to-face interview with each volunteer. Contact the Safe Environment Director or your Ministry lead for a mutually convenient time. It is the Volunteer's responsibility to schedule an interview. 
A volunteer is not considered “cleared” at St. Francis until an email is sent to the Ministry Lead and volunteer stating all Safe Environment Clearance requirements have been met.

​A volunteer should not begin volunteering until the verification email is received.

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