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Marriage Documents

Documents Needed​


For All Couples:

  • Original and newly issued baptism certificate with notations for each Catholic (issued no more than six (6) months prior to your initial interview) from the church of your baptism. To obtain an original copy, you must contact the church you were baptized in (via phone/email/mail/in-person) and request a copy of your baptism certificate. We’ve had many couples baptized from all over the world, so it’s possible to obtain. From non-Catholics, if baptized, a certificate of baptism is also required, however no time restriction applies.

  • Church law requires that both of you must be free to marry, that is, neither one of you was married before. If either of you were married before (even civilly), and your former spouse is still living, you will need to obtain a declaration of nullity on the marriage from the Tribunal of the Diocese. The Marriage Administrator will assist you with the process. Under no circumstances may a date be set for the ceremony, or even a tentative date set, until the Tribunal process is complete.

  • If a widow or widower is marrying, a copy of the former spouse’s death certificate is required.

  • A Prenuptial Questionnaire Form which will be completed with a priest, deacon or lay minister and signed by all parties at the initial interview

  • Affidavits of free status. The priest or lay minister will need to personally interview a witness for the bride and a witness for the groom. A witness is usually a parent, sibling, cousin, or friend who has known the party since early adolescence. The witness will be asked to swear under oath whether or not the party has ever been married before among other questions. If for valid reasons the witnesses cannot come to the appointment, a contact telephone number and name of the witness must be provided so that we may conduct their declaration by telephone.

  • In cases of inter-faith marriages, a Mixed Religion Dispensation or Disparity of Cult Dispensation is needed. This is done by the priest, deacon or lay minister who is handling your paperwork.

  • If you are completing your orientation at St. Francis but marrying elsewhere, there are additional documents and information required. The completed prenuptial forms will then be sent to the Tribunal for review and subsequently your church of marriage.

Needed for Engaged Couples:

  • Marriage license issued by any county in Texas. The license is only valid for 90 days, so plan to obtain this near the end of your marriage preparation. This must be submitted one month prior to your wedding date.

  • Proof of completion of your marriage preparation program, approved by the Diocese of Dallas, including FOCCUS inventory. The marriage Administrator will provide you more information at the prenuptial interview.

Also needed for couples that are civilly married who wish to convalidate their marriage in the Catholic Church:

  • Copy of marriage license

  • Proof of completion of your marriage preparation program, including REFOCCUS inventory.

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