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St. Francis & Animals

One of the aspects I love about our St. Francis community is that my precious dogs are also loved and welcomed there. Every year I take the dogs to the blessings of the animals. You see all kinds of precious creatures from dogs all the way to birds in cages and fish swimming in bowls.

This year is particularly meaningful for me. Three months ago my four year old Mini Schnauzer, Jango, was diagnosed with a massive turbo on his left kidney. The diagnosis was a malignancy. I had received Jango a little over a year ago from a local rescue. Upon hearing of the diagnosis, Jango’s foster mom (who is Catholic also) sent a St. Francis medal to wear on his collar. The medal and my dog were both blessed, and daily I added two drops of Holy Water from Lourdes to his drinking water. Many people at St. Francis and a Mini Schnauzer group comprised of people all over the world were praying daily for Jango. He survived an extensive surgery to remove the kidney and tumor; no other evidence of the cancer was found. Jango is back to being his lively, playful self again! I give all praise and glory to God and St. Francis for his miraculous recovery.

Happy Feast of St. Francis of Assisi!

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