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Parishioner Spotlight: Finding St. Joseph

Consecration, which means “to make holy” is a serious commitment made to God. The consecration to St. Joseph means that you acknowledge that he is your spiritual father and you want to be like him. To show this devotion, you entrust yourself to St. Joseph’s paternal care so he can help you grow in virtue and holiness. During this Year of St. Joseph, parishioner Sandy Cimo is leading several groups through the Consecration to St. Joseph.

Can you explain more about the Consecration to St. Joseph? It is a 33 Day Novena to St. Joseph. The book, Consecration to St. Joseph by Fr. Donald H. Calloway leads you through the consecration with prayers for each day. You can do the consecration any time throughout the year, but the next group is beginning on March 30 and ending on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker on May 1. The movement of St. Joseph is recent. The book was published only last year. This book is so clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit. We need St. Joseph today! How did you find out about it? I found out about it last year when I was visiting a Catholic store in Denton. They had the book on display, and I was intrigued but I thought it was only a Lent thing. Then I had a friend explain that you could do it any time of year! So, I just did it for the first-time last summer. I have now done the consecration four times!

How many people are making the consecration? I am running two groups who are going through the consecration. I plan to keep running these groups throughout the year. I am the organizer but I am asking those who join to help me or run their own groups because St. Joseph is truly for everyone. In my last group there were 9 people and the one I am currently running has 19. Some people have already done it and are reconsecrating. I plan to keep running these groups throughout this entire Year of St. Joseph.

Why are you drawn toward St. Joseph? St. Joseph is the patron saint of everything! He is like a one-stop shop, spiritually speaking. St. Joseph has many titles. He is the patron of workers, the Comforter of the Afflicted, the Terror of Demons, and the Head of the Holy Family, to name a few. Many people overlook St. Joseph because he is in the background a lot of the time, but with all the issues going on today St. Joseph’s virtues are what we really need. Interested in beginning the consecration to St. Joseph? The next consecration begins on March 30! Books will available soon in both Spanish and English.

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