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Sacrament Preparation

Grades 8-12

Sacrament Preparation 

First Communion for Grades 8-12

All students in 8th - 12th grade will participate in our Origin: Youth programming on Sunday nights.  Since each circumstance for our students in 8th-12th in need of First Communion preparation is unique, a member of our Youth Ministry team will be in contact with you after registration to provide additional information for Eucharist Sacrament Preparation and any additional sacrament preparation fees that may be required. Only the Faith Formation registration fee will be due at registration.

The earliest a student is eligible for Confirmation in our Diocese is 8th grade. If your student has already graduated from high school, please have the student contact our RCIA program.  At St. Francis, we have implemented a Readiness Model for preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, offering our Youth an individual,  customized journey towards the sacrament of confirmation when the students determines they are ready between 8th and 12th grade.  

Within Origin: Youth, the preparation period is a time of ongoing discernment for receiving the sacrament of confirmation and dedicating themselves to discipleship with Jesus.  Candidates will be encouraged to take personal ownership of their preparation towards the sacrament of confirmation with the support of their parents and sponsor. 

Candidates will self-identify as ready to move forward with preparation when they:

  • are attending Mass on a regular basis

  • are participating in formation (Youth Nights)

  • personally express a desire to receive the sacrament of confirmation

Confirmation Preparation for Grades 8-12


Opportunities for potential candidates to step forward will be a made in a variety of ways through our Youth Nights, Retreats, Liturgy, etc.  Once the candidate comes forward and begins their Confirmation Inquiry, we will contact parents to formally offer them the opportunity to submit their Parent Inquiry and submit any applicable sacrament fees. 

At youth nights and retreats, all youth (including candidates), will have opportunities to encounter Jesus and grow in their relationship with God and knowledge of the faith. Youth will also have opportunities to connect with a small group of peers to pray, support and celebrate candidates on their journey.  During this time, parents will be empowered to accompany their child on their journey to discipleship through prayer, participation at Mass as a family and living out their faith together by loving and serving others.

The readiness model aligns with the church’s mission of creating missionary disciples who encounter Christ humbly, serve others joyfully and proclaim the gospel BOLDLY. It is our fervent prayer that these youth and their parents will be provided with the best opportunity to become missionary disciples in the community and not simply check a box in a classroom. 

Following this model, parents are not able to register their student for Confirmation preparation at the time of registration.  If/when students comes forward to begin a formal inquiry while participating in our Youth Nights, registration for sacrament specific preparation will be sent and any applicable sacrament preparation fees will be due. 



Alec Banda

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Director


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Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator


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