Origin Family

A Letter from Fr. Rudy

Dear Parishioners,

I ask all of you to close your eyes and think of a time when you were little and had those family meetings growing up.  You were learning values and morals; church teachings; right from wrong; how to be friends and build relationships; how to treat people; perhaps something important was going on in the world and that was brought into your discussions... taught in your homes, by your families, together mostly- in a comfortable environment - by trusted loved ones. This my friends, is family faith formation. 

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce that we will continue our approach to religious education in the family formation model. Parents are a child’s natural first-born teacher and this includes their faith.  Research is showing that these teachings need to be heart filled, quality interactive discussions between parents and children.  We will provide you with the essential materials and tools to guide you and support you along this journey with your child. When a child is baptized in the Catholic Church, the parent accepts the responsibility of sharing and living our faith.  The Lord has given you this ability and the grace needed to carry it out. Understanding that some of our families will need help with this, we have increased our support to many different options throughout the month:

• Mentor Support (each family is assigned a mentor)
• Parent Training Sessions (parents are invited to attend a training on the monthly discussions) 
• Family Gatherings (Families will meet at church together for monthly activities) On Site sessions with mentors (Mentors will be on site to help with monthly family  activities as needed)

Of course, we are available to answer questions and help along the way however we can. You are not alone in this endeavor. We will walk with you every step of the way, ensuring that your child is equipped to face the challenges of the modern world with the armor of faith and as witnesses of the risen Lord! Registration will be open soon, watch for more information!

With every good wish,

Fr. Rudy Garcia, Pastor